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At Concept 20 we believe detail is key! We provide extremely thorough building regulation and construction drawings and details, over and above the minimum required for building regulation approval & much in excess of what other Architects usually provide for a building regulation drawings, at no extra cost!

The additional detail makes the whole process much more simple for all of the parties involved:


Less queries from Building control as more aspects are covered with large scale drawings rather than notes


A more accurate quote from builders. Less assumptions will need to be made due to the extra detail. There is far less chance of being hit with additional building fees for 'Something that wasn't in the quote'


Much easier job for the Structural Engineer. I make sure to look at the structural design myself  & ask the structural engineer to justify my proposals, other architects usually leave all of the structural design to the engineer which costs you extra time and money.


Less queries from builders on site as to how an element of the building is to be constructed due to a higher amount of large scale construction details.

Despite the additional detail, my fee's are no higher than what a typical Architect would charge for building regulation drawings!

The amount of information Concept 20 will need to produce will vary from project to project Our building regulation / working drawing packages can typically include some or all of the following:

Working Floor Plans

Detailing the layout, type & size of the structure for all floor levels

Service Plans

Detailing the electrical layout, Internal drainage layout and space / water heating

Site Drainage Plan

Detailing foul and storm water connections externally

Site drainage details

Large Scale Sections of items involving foul & surface water drainage

Substructure plan / sections

Detailing ground floor system used & any ventilation required

Additional substructure details

Additional large scale sections of ground floor construction

Intermediate Floor Structure Plan

Details in plan of the intermediate floor construction e.g timber joist layout, concrete, beams etc..

Additional Floor Structure details

Additional large scale sections of the intermediate floor construction

Roof construction plan

Details in plan of roof construction, e.g timber rafters, joists , steelwork etc..

Additional Roof Details

Additional large scale sections of the roof construction

Building sections

Additional sections to option 1, typically 2 - 5 cross sections through the building


Specification covering aspects above and beyond the building regulations

Beam / Lintel & Door / Window Scheduling

Details of sizing and specification of doors, windows beams & lintels

 Kitchen & Bathroom Design

Large scale plans and elevations of kitchen & bathroom design


With other parties involved involved e.g Structural Engineer / Building control

Online Submission

Concept 20 will submit all forms, reports and drawings online on behalf of the client.

Fire Plan

(Where required) Indicating Fire fighting provisions & signage

Landscaping Plan

(Where required) 

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