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Concept 20 can produce planning drawings & reports for planning appilcation purposes for a wide range of building types.

See: ' Types of work that we cover' HERE


The amount of information required for a planning application varies between projects.

Most of the reports and drawings required can be produced by Concept 20, however additional information may be required from other consultants to obtain approval such as Ecology reports & a full land survey

Depending on the type of project the following is a typical example of the drawings and reports that may have to be produced by Concept 20 in order to gain planning approval:

  • ​Site location plan 

  • Existing & Proposed site plan

  • Existing & proposed building elevations

  • Existing & proposed floor plans 

  • Existing & proposed roof plans

  • Details of outbuildings, garages, sheds

  • Building cross sections

  • External landscaping plan

  • Site cross sections

  • Street scene elevations

  • Details of cycle storage

  • Parking layout on the site

  • Details of refuse stores & collection

  • Design & access statement

  • Shadow diagrams

  • Vehicular access into the site

  • Coloured 2D drawings 

  • 3D visualizations

  • Drainage layout plan & details

  • Flood risk assessment report

  • Details of protection to trees

  • Details for protection of wildlife 

Additional information that may be required by other consultants to obtain planning approval:

Land Survey - By Land Surveyor

For example If a sloping site is present it is likely you will need a land survey.

Tree schedule / report - By Tree Surveyor

If Trees have a TPO on them you will likely need a Tree Report

Archaeological report - By Archaeologist

Archaelogical senstive sites will require a report


Biodiversity report - By Ecology Specialist

For eaxmple where the site contains protected animal species

Drainage survey - By Drainage Surveyor

Where drainage provision is unknown a CCTV survey will be carried out

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