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Where unauthorised construction work has been carried out on site without the required approval from building control or where perhaps building work was carried out by the previous owner who didn't have the relevant completion certificates you can apply for retrospective building control approval or 'regularisation'

Concept 20 can provide retrospective application services for both the planning and building regulation stages of a scheme

The process of obtaining retrospective approval involves a local council building control surveyor and Concept 20 visiting the site and assessing the work as built to see if it's up to standard and if not, to recommend the improvements required to bring it up to standard.

Following this Concept 20 can:

  • Perform a full building survey - this is to record the building work completed so far & to determine its size and type of construction

  • Produce Building regulation drawings - These will show details of the work which has already been carried out & also modifications required to the structure to bring it up to current standards. The drawings required will be the same as a usual building regulation submission as detailed HERE

Depending on the work that has been completed other consultants may need to be appointed to assess the current structure:

  • Structural Engineer - For Example where beams have been installed with no structural justification a report / calculations for the installed beams would need to be produced by a structural engineer to show they are fit for purpose.

  • Drainage CCTV - Where the foul or surface water drainage system has already been installed a CCTV survey may be required in the event that it cannot be determined on site if the system complies.

Once Building control has approved the drawings and specification produced by Concept 20 they will be issued to site for the builder to make the required modifications. As long as the plans are strictly followed Building Control will then issue approval.

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